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So what if the target phone is lost, or you no longer want to monitor the target phone and instead monitor a new one?

mSpy’s Unique Features

The license for mSpy is flexible, allowing you to move between devices as many times as you want to. All you need to do is deactivate the target device and activate another. Being able to wipe away sensitive data is a nice perk, especially if the target device is lost. Good customer service is important when it comes to monitoring software. You need someone to work out the kinks if you run into any technical difficulties, after all.

mSpy Review 12222 | Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Thankfully, most monitoring companies do have good, if not great, customer service. We applaud mSpy for having phone support, as someone can explain everything while you work on your problem. It gives visitors the basics of their product without overwhelming them too much. They do a good job in sucking a visitor in and letting them test out the product. Speaking of testing out, they do have a day money back guarantee.

So how much will this app cost you? Like with most monitoring apps, mSpy has multiple packages and plans. The Basic package is, well, basic. It only has call logs, text message logs, web history, and GPS tracking.

Basic has either a one month or a three month option, while Premium adds six months and a year. The more months you have, the better value it is. You do the math.

The Truth About mSpy App - Review mSpy

With any trusted company, mSpy includes multiple options for paying. You can use debit, credit, and PayPal. All of them include a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied. We, for one, enjoy the prices. With a variety of choices. We enjoyed the Keylogger feature, as well as the No Jailbreak option. Sure, FlexiSpy is still the most advanced objectively, but mSpy is slowly catching up to them. I have had numerous challenges previously installing apps, mSpy walked me through the process made it easy.

An app is only good if it is properly installed. That is the sine qua non required. I would highly recommend mSpy for it's features and support. I would like to thank Michael Frost without him I could not have done it. James Bass was absolutely amazing!! He answered all my questions and found solutions for my issues!! I will be using mspy for years to come!! Company is a scam They will not answer the phone and will disconnect chat instance as soon as you say you want a refund. The product has never worked on my daughters iPhone. Installed, and re-installed 2 times.

Tech assistance could not figure out why and could only suggest escalating tix to software dev team. I have been trying to call and speak with someone from any dept on the phone for last two weeks. It will either tell you high call volume and call back later. Or you hear what sounds like someone pick up the phone and immediately hang up.

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With many competitors out there mSpy is one of the best monitoring software and the reason is the unique features of the latest version. There are few more experienced Softwares than the mSpy available in the market but mSpy has developed the best of all with latest features. The users of mSpy were reviewed by our team and the rated this software the best than the rest.

On asking the reason behind their ratings, they answered very confidently that the service and facilities that this monitoring software is providing are way better than their expectations and experience with other software. This is what makes the mSpy software so popular, it fulfills all the requirements and offers satisfaction to the costumers. There are features and other plans with help of which a user can design a great pack of deals and facilities for themselves. This is the flexibility of the program and service that make mSpy so special and demanding.

The mSpy monitoring software is obviously a paid software and there are places where the developers need to work at. This will make the program more beneficial. But as such it is a quality part that this software keeps on updating their versions to debug all the issues. These updates can be done overnight or can be done according to your comfort. However, apart from doing it manually, the updates can be done automatically as well. For any service or product to become a successful one requires some great distinguishing features to be the best than the rest. And when you make your service or product, high quality, and high standards, the users just desire to have the best.

All inbox and sent box emails can be seen along with the date and time at which they are being sent or received. With mSpy high-end monitoring software, you are able to track down the call logs of the target phone. You can go through the list of all the applications that the target phone has in it. As soon as you switch on your account you can go and check the location. When the person's cell phone is lost you can remotely clear all the data in that.

This will save you from getting their data to get to someone else. If the target phone receives text message on any social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, or anything, you can check on it too.

mSpy Review from a Real User 12222

Having said that, mSpy is the ideal monitoring program with many unique features that makes the monitoring activity comfortable and reliable. You are able to use these features to keep a check on all the social media activities that your child is doing or the conversation on various different apps. From the establishment of this software till now, the developers have always brought an improvement in the features so that the monitoring activity gets very flexible.

The software allows the parents to monitor their children and keeping them safe from all kind of unwanted activities and thoughts.

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  • The parents are able to see all the calls that their children make and all the websites that they visit. All these with the help of their smartphones. This monitoring program has many features that make it user-friendly and more efficient.

    GPS Location Tracking Feature:

    So, as many numbers of features they get, the users feel proud owners of something great. Here is the detailed list of all the features that mSpy offers for monitoring. Read Emails. With this feature, parents who are having the account in the mSpy service are able to read the target phones emails. Thus there is no chance for the child to use the mailing system to do anything wrong.

    Call Managing.


    With this high-end monitoring software, you are able to track down the call logs of the target phone. This means that you get a complete report regarding the incoming and outgoing with time duration and date and time of the call. With the evolvement in the gadget industry, there is a great rise in the app developers developing all sorts of apps.

    But not all apps are good for children and to save them from all that you need to know which apps they are using. So whichever application they install it will be seen by you and you can decide what to have in there and what not. You can go through the list of all the applications using mSpy that the target phone has in it. And then can check if they are appropriate for your child or not. Track Text Messages. No matter whether the child is calling someone or texting, this monitoring application covers everything and offers a complete monitoring ability to the user.

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    Using mSpy monitoring app, one can read, yes read, all the text messages that the target cell phone receives or sends at any time. Perhaps, the monitoring entity gets to know the whole conversation along with time and date for each text message. Not only this, the monitoring software also allows you to monitor any kind of multimedia messages as well. No matter it is an image shared or the voice message, it can track down everything for you and provide it to you. Locate Your Target.

    Basically, mSpy monitoring software is designed for the safety of the children. And the most important security of them is their location. It becomes very vital to know where your child is going and at what time of the day he or she is in which part of the city. Are they at school or college or they are somewhere else and are unsafe.

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    • So, it becomes essential for parents to know where their kids are. And this program helps them to locate their kids. Apparently, it uses the GPS and positions the target phone and the user. As soon as you switch on your mSpy account you can go and check the location of the child and thus you can get to know if there is anything unusual or wrong.

      Remote Activity. There are a number of thefts taking place these days and the most common object is a smartphone. And as smartphones carry all the memories of yours and important data as well. So what if you loose your phone, you lose almost everything important for you. This may affect you a lot losing your things. This will save you from getting your data to get to someone else. Reach out to the Calendar and Address book. There are many events and activities for your kid must be planning or waiting to come and hence he or she would keep a reminder on the calendar.

      Unconditionally, you can even go through the calendar of the target phone to reach out to the events that your kid is planning. With all these, the mSpy software even allows you to monitor the address book as well. This program is just not only aimed for the monitoring purpose but it also helps a lot in keeping your children safe and under constant check to keep them away from all sorts of trouble. There are the number of applications these days through which you can have a little chat or text conversation with your friends and others.

      Perhaps, it becomes very unsafe when you are making new friends whom you have never met. And when your child does that it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Hence with mSpy, you can keep a check on the messages that they exchange and that too instantaneously. This means you can get to know perfectly what they are talking at the time they are talking. No matter it is on any social media or anything else. If the target phone receives any kind of text message on any social media such as Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook or anything. So you have a check on everything that your target phone is doing.

      Multimedia File Access. Monitoring each and every file of the target phone is what perfect monitoring is. And mSpy monitoring software enables you to do that without any interruption. There are chances that your kid might be watching or sharing ungranted videos images or voice mails. There are various outsources that can spoil your child and with a smartphone, it becomes very easy to get influenced. But not giving your kid a phone for real reasons is also not the best idea.

      They need it for their safety and to be in touch with you as well. So how to save them from getting influenced by the wrong things. You can monitor all the multimedia files that are being shared, watched or downloaded on the target phone. There are more than these features so that you can make the monitoring very efficient. The mSpy program offers you the best monitoring facility and much more so that you can make that highly safe for your kids.

      The information of each small activity on the target phones are detailed and viewed to the mSpy accessible person. The mSpy monitoring software is one of the earliest version of programmed monitoring for safety and security of the children by their parents.