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This step is required for mysms to work. This app works for phone users. Do you have a suggestion? A question? A problem using the application?

How to Read AT&T Text Messages When You Don't Have Your Phone | It Still Works

Just send an email to help mysms. You can reach us on Facebook at facebook. Works great on all my devices. Just wish there were more personalization options on windows! Like to be able to change the background like in Windows. If I could give them a 0, I would. Very unprofessional. Any chance of me buying the pro version are gone after that. There are plenty of ways for developers to "sell" upgraded features in a premium version without resorting to such underhanded tactics. Dear mysms - Your tagline is, "Text anywhere, anytime and on any device!

Not true. If you are an iPhone user who hasn't read my review, you will waste an hour discovering that you were misled. Not a fan of how it advertises for itself at the end of a text. You don't always get all your messages. Works sometimes. Would be better if I was able to sort out what I was seeing I like how it sends a long message in one text instead like many others, divides it up into several.

I like how you can add several photos to the messages too, instead of just one at some other text messenger apps. However, if the person you are sending the picture to isn't on mysms, the photo doesn't appear for them - they have to go to a http site. I like that I can send or receive texts and it shows up on my devices. I wish it would mark them read on all the devices, though.

I like the history-at-a-glance in the side column too.

Best Free 7 Ways to Read Text Messages Online

I wish I didn't have to refresh it. It is wonderful.

My hands are too big and this is wonderful. I like that the window where the text is typed is roomy and that you can see about line- worth of text as you type, before the window starts to scroll. Not sure what I don't like about it, so that's a good sign, isn't it? I love the way this works, especially on my laptop with full keyboard. It also pops up on my tablets, allowing me to continue with what I'm doing quickly and seamlessly. It's the best! Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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Wish list. See System Requirements. Thanks, Dan. That means it's good to go. You don't have to do anything else with it on your phone. Follow the instructions, man. Just go to the website it gives you to finish setting it up. Works great!

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This could be a good alternative to avoid Distracted Driving. When I think back this text solution can avoid distraction since the messages can be auto-responded by setting triggers. Title is misleading, it should say for Android phones Turn your phone into a hotspot and you can control your phone without internet connection or network infrastructure: directly from phone to PC: Android WebControl.

Viber has desktop application for ALL platforms. It works through your internet connection. Why do I need any of these. To top it all the much touted Mighty Text, if it works through cellular network inly, is useless in my opinion if it can't do it over wifi and internet. I don't need any application to text somebody over over 2G or 3G connection. The idea is also to save money!!!! I use Gmail using Google voice - send and receive email, SMS, IM, audio calls, video calls - all in one place - from my phones and anybody's computer - to individuals or groups - free.

What am I missing? Why should I change? Don't think you are missing a thing as long as you live in USA. The rest of us are looking for viable solutions I dont own an android device and not in the USA but about 13 to 14 hours im on Computer! There is also one in the Google Chrome webstore. Dedicated phone number, voicemail, unlimited texting What's not to like? Get any smart phone with Viber compatibility. Then you can use it on both, including voice and video!

Kies Air came with my android phone. It allows the user to send and receive SMS on one's computer. It also allows the user to access your phone's photographs and videos. Pinger is a computer app that I think deservers some attention I have no financial or other interest in MPE outside of being a satisfied user for the last 4 years. Not sure about other countries. Thanks for this post. I was getting ready to whine "what about those of us who have iPhones and iPads? My Apple iMessage works quite well, computer OR phone. Please don't become too biased, there are many of us who are Mac users that love the way the iOS shares many applications.

My Apple iMessage works quite well, computer of phone. Great article, but: you forgot to mention that: if 1 you are IOS user and 2 you are not in USA there is no option at all!!! I like the first two choices -- just wish there was something like it for iPhone. I've used google voice for a long time, but with the lack of development, and lack of integration on the iphone, I've had to give it up.

I don't download anything even though I frequently send SMS. Just use my email program to send to someone's cell phone: vtext. If they're not on Verizon, change the domain accordingly. I'm surprised DeskSMS isn't listed. It's a great app which also allows you to check your phone's messages. The only thing you need is a Google account and then you can receive your messages through Google Talk or the Google Chrome add-on.

I use Google Voice, the text from computer is nice but I use google voice as my main number and love that you can mark a phone number as spam and never hear my phone ring when they call again. I could get a lot more said in less time by voice than by texting, and it would be a lot cheaper - and stave off Repetitive Motion Syndrome at least for a while longer!

I agree talk is a lot easier than send a lot texts. And if you need send so many texts, just get your friend on any of the message apps. One or even a few text messages are enough.

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But if you're going to send that many texts at a half-minute a text, you can get a lot more said in less time using voice and it would probably be cheaper, not to mention putting off Repetitive Motion Syndrome RMS at least for a little while. Zipwhip works well, and for simply sending Verizon, is vtext. T-Mobile, it is tmomail. Alltel, the number is message. Sprint it is messaging. While it is free to send messages this way, standard text message rates apply to recipients because the messages are delivered as ordinary texts. Much easier to use and it has its own download for your computer, so that you will be notified with a popup and you can write messages without opening your browser.

When needed, you also have access to all your messages, by opening a browser to view them. When you use your browser, it works the same as Mighty Text. Go a ahead and try it. I think you'll like it. I liked Motorola invention of its webtop lapdoc. The phone I have made by Motorola turns into a mini laptop and desktop computer.

Technically my Motorola phone has two operating systems on it. One partition runs Android, while on the other partition runs a lite version of Linux for the Webtop. Too bad Motorola killed the webtop.

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Noting is stored on the tablet as both devices are connected using a secured encrypted blue tooth connection. All data a streamed encrypted from the BlackBerry phone to the tablet. Motorola didn't really "kill" webtop, just the new version runs as the tablet version of Android. Not as cool, but it's still fun to brag to those who don't have Moto ;. I quite like 3CX Android Remote. The app runs a server off your phone like the others listed, and it tells you your device IP address and a port number.

You can access this server through any web browser, no extra software needed. It can be configured with a username and password for extra security. The app let's you check your messages, use the web browser, has a file browser, and with root access you can remote control your phone I couldn't, but the feature is present as well as access the camera remotely.