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Most of these apps should work on all devices running Android 4. Cell phone spy software is designed to monitor activity on a smartphone and record data such as text messages, call logs, keystrokes and more. From this dashboard you will be able to do the following: Download and review all the activity logs, such as recordings, photos, videos, messages or logs directly to your PC. Remotely control the phone, such as lock or unlock the phone, start recordings, interrupt cell phone usage and even delete the software.

Set up alerts and notifications. Get instant alerts when a specific word is used in an SMS or email. How does Anti-Spyware Software work? Anti-Spyware software typically works in two ways: Prevents Spyware Anti-Spyware software prevents spyware programs from collecting information on your computer and providing it to unknown parties.

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Where do I get Anti-Spyware software protection? Anti-Spyware software is available at any electronics store, either online or offline. How do I know if I already have Anti-Spyware software? The larger the database, the more spyware the cleaner can identify and remove. That's why it's important to keep updating the virus definitions databases on your anti-spyware software.

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Many programs will come with an automatic update feature - make sure it's on. Challenges to Detecting and Removing Spyware The most challenging part of detecting spyware is the number of variants there are out there.

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Spyware producers know that their spyware will eventually be found and removed, so they keep making new variations of their programs. Before new variants can be protected against, they must be classified as spyware and their signatures must be added the spyware definitions databases of spyware removing software.

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Thus every new variant of spyware buys its producer more time on people's computers. How can you help in the fight against spyware? Put any files you suspect to be spyware on quarantine in your spyware cleaner and report the files' existence to the spyware creators.

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Their programmers can then examine the suspicious files to see if they're really spyware. If so, they will update the snit-spyware program's spyware definitions database, and the program will be able to recognize the newer spyware. Some anti-spyware programs have come out that use heuristic rules based technology to detect programs that me be spyware before their signatures are released.

This method is more proactive in the sense that a type of spyware doesn't have to be "discovered" to be detected, but this method can also lead to more false-positives the spyware cleaner says a program is spyware but it isn't.